Toughest Leather From MAKR Envelopes the iPad Mini 4 in Attache Case

MAKR goes back to the basics to create an excellent tablet accessory specifically for the latest Apple iPad Mini 4. The newest envelope tablet case is handmade from only the best Bark Horween Chromexcel leather ensuring top-notch protection from bumps, bruises and smaller impacts. The case is handsewn ensuring only the best possible quality and has its edges burnished and hand-painted to make the case last longer. The iPad Attache comes with classic tab closure ensuring the case stays securely shut when not in use.

About MAKR:
MAKR is the title for the design projects by this company’s founder, Jason Gregory. Founded in 2005, the Florida-based MAKR Carry Goods creates carrying solutions that are carefully and thoughtfully produced, and useful for a variety of lifestyles. To assure genuine quality, all of the company’s products are handmade on site by their skilled craftspeople at the MAKR design studio.

One glance at MAKR Carry Goods luxury tablet cases should cause your jaw to hit the floor in utter amazement (and for some, their price may certainly provoke a similar reaction). Considering what this company is capable of delivering to this market, owners of other tablet brands will definitely be looking forward to more developments that will accommodate their needs as well. But for now, only those iPad owners who have a fat enough wallet are lucky enough to buy MAKR Carry Goods tablet cases.

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