SkinLee Keeps the iPad Mini 4 Eyes Wide Open With the New Tablet Skin

SkinLee launched a striking tablet skin for the Apple iPad Mini 4 called Eyes. The case is a two-piece skin, covering both front and back, and thanks to high-quality vinyl material providing excellent scratch protection. The most attractive thing about the new accessory is of course its unusual design print, which will most certainly set your tablet apart from the rest. Special printing technique ensures the colors are vivid and fade resistant at the same time. The case is extremely easy to apply and take off, and won’t leave any sticky residue after itself.

About SkinLee:

Soon after obtaining an engineering degree, Denis decided to pursue his dream of setting up a printing studio. This beginner’s pilot had never thought that his talent lies in designing and printing until he got the support from his girlfriend who was an interior architect and designer back then. Through collaborative efforts, they created innovative and unique designs, which led to the founding of the studio, Skin Lee.

We started off Skin Lee with just the two of us and now we have a team of talented and perfectionist designers who work together impeccably to satisfy our growing customer base. Our products initially included iPhone cases. However, with the immense popularity that was gained from our iconic iPhone skins, we introduced covers for laptops and tablets as well.

The range of electronics skins and decals at Skin Lee are made by our artistic designers who possess an eye for detail. They pay special attention to the intricate details when making decals for gadgets. This is what makes our products so attractive and visually appealing. We also understand that Apple products are sensitive and can easily be scratched or damaged. Therefore, our products provide iPhones, iPads, Macbook and other gadgets with the necessary protection from any unforeseen accidents.

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