Don’t Waste Money on Repairs – Protect Your Tablet With These Cases

It’s a well-known fact that gadget repairs, be that a smartphone or a tablet, can cost anywhere between 50 and 100 percent of the initial price. Yes, you might end up paying the whole purchasing price for your beloved technological wonder if you need to repair it from heavy damage. The screen change on say iPad Air 2 can rack up to $200, and minor repairs such as charging port replacement go up to $90 on an average tablet. Those are some scary figures, especially if you’ve purchased your device on a payment plan, but luckily most operators are now offering insurance policies to go with the expensive gadgets, minimizing the prices of the repairs for the end-user, but increasing the cost of their monthly plans.

Regardless of who ends up paying for the repairs, it’s a huge industry in any case. In fact, some estimates put the total cost of smartphone repairs in the USA at $1.4 billion in 2014. And yes, that’s only for the smartphones, and only in the USA. By the end of last year, Americans have spent a total of $5.9 billion repairing their smartphones. Figures go even further: more than 30% of smartphone users have damaged their phones last year, and over 17% have done it more than once in a single year. There are no clear statistics available about tablet repairs, but for the sake of simplicity we shall assume they are similar to those of the smartphones. And with the penetration of the gadgets into our lives constantly growing, we can expect these figures to rise with every year.

It all bring us to the main point: why waste money repairing your tablet when you can make sure it stays safe? Selecting a tablet accessory that will keep your device safe no matter what comes its way is your best case scenario, especially considering they will come at a fraction of the price you would pay for your gadget’s repair. Luckily Tablet2cases has plenty of options to choose from: there are tablet screen protectors and rugged tablet cases of all shapes and sizes, making sure owners of virtually every tablet device can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Cooper Defender Rugged Back Protective Shell for all Apple iPads

Cooper Defender is one of the easiest ways to shield your device from everyday bumps and bruises without adding much excess weight to it. The rugged tablet case is available for iPad 2-4 models, iPad Airs, and all iPad Minis. Besides great impact protection the case delivers extra secure grip and a clever kickstand offering multiple viewing angles.

Cooper Screen Protector for Tablets

In case you’re only looking to shield the screen of your precious tablet – Cooper Screen Protector is just what the doctor ordered. The tablet screen protector is available in a wide selection of sizes designed to protect the most popular devices. It’s crafted from 99% crystal-clear plastic material and can be installed and removed in seconds without leaving any sticky residue. The case will minimize the risk of shattering your tablet’s screen, but it will also safeguard it from scratches and UV overdose.

Cooper Submarine IP68 Rugged Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

The Submarine from Cooper is the best choice if you’re looking for a bit more than just impact protection. This waterproof tablet case combines ruggedness with certified IP68 protection, meaning the tablet will survive submerges under water inside this case. The rubberized silicone material will take care of impacts and ensure grippability, while the hard plastic screen protector will shield the most fragile part of your tablet. The case is available for almost all Cupertino tablet models.

Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab family also needs protection, and Cooper Cases have a thing or two for them as well. The Dynamo tablet rugged case series is extremely popular with kids, and even some parents have been spotted carrying bright orange cases out in the open. The case is crafted from kid-friendly EVA foam and offers all-round protection for most Galaxy Tab generations. Its handle is designed not only to offer a safe and comfy way to carry the case around, it also doubles up as a convenient tablet stand whenever it’s time for some cartoon watching.

Cooper Trooper Universal Drop Proof Rugged Case for Tablets

One of the latest Cooper Cases innovations is a unique rugged tablet case offering universal fit to two tablet size categories: 8-9” and 9.7-10.5”. The Cooper Trooper stretches to fit your device and thanks to its one-of-a-kind design manages to combine great looks with practical functionality and tough protection. The case also sports a highly convenient integrated stand popping out of the back.

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