The Best Cases for Everyone's Needs

Modern tablet devices are suitable for virtually anyone, from small children to senior citizens. Intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use buttons, and clever, ergonomic designs made sure that tablets become integral parts of our everyday lives. We wake up with tablets, and go to bed holding them, although doctors say that’s not so good after all. We cook holding them, and brush our teeth watching videos on them, we learn and teach using tablets, and we play and work on them.

However, in many cases it’s advised to protect tablet with special accessories. Many tablet cases are designed to shield our beloved pieces of technology from everyday harm, and many combine that purpose with increasing their functionality. And some cases are designed to help people with disabilities enjoy everything tablets have to offer.

Since the International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls on this week it’s about time we took a look on tablet cases designed to offer such persons access to full tablet functionality.

1. Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case for all Apple iPads

Designed to keep the iPads safe from kids, the Dynamo from Cooper Cases became a highly popular rugged tablet case. Its primary function is to shield the device from bumps, bruises and falls, and it does it perfectly. That’s why it’s also highly suitable for people with disabilities, ensuring their tablets are also safe. The built-in handle not only allows easy mobility, but also serves as an integrated stand.

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Pricefrom $15.95

2. Cooper Trooper Universal Drop Proof Rugged Case for Tablets

Universally compatible with the widest range of tablets, the Cooper Trooper does the impossible: combines stylish looks with ultimate rugged protection. The case is perfect for any situation and any user. A built-in tablet stand in the back kicks out to provide tablet owners with a multitude of viewing angles.

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Pricefrom $19.95

3. Cooper BouncePlus+ Rugged Shell for all Apple iPads & Samsung Galaxy Tab

Cooper BouncePlus+ comes in a variety of sizes to suit a wide number of tablet devices from Apple iPads to Samsung Galaxy Tabs. This tablet rugged case is not only about providing a safe and secure home, but also about elevating the tablet’s functionality. Thick edges and corners offer increased grippability and a small integrated stand is great at propping the device at a variety of viewing positions.

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Pricefrom $16.45

4. Ndevr iPadding Gremlin Kids Play Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4

The Gremlin from Ndevr may look like a play tablet case, but in reality it’s a highly durable accessory excelling at keeping the iPads safe. The two handles at the sides provide a comfy way to grab the case and carry it around safely, while the thick bottom of the case ensures its stability on a variety of surfaces.

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Pricefrom $31.95

5. Cooper Grabster Rugged Kids Play Case for Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 & iPad Air 1/2

Grab it any way you want and take it anywhere you go! That’s the Cooper Grabster's motto. The tablet rugged case is crafted from highly durable EVA foam, which not only keeps the tablet safe from harm, but also provides a safe and secure grip. Four large opening on each side provide four places to grab the case making it ideal for shaky hands.

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Pricefrom $18.95

6. Cooper Bounce Samsung Galaxy Tab Rugged Shell

Samsung Galaxy Tabs also need protection and Cooper caters to these tablets with a great tablet rugged case – Bounce. The case shields the device from daily harm and thanks to its unique material offers a secure grip as a bonus. Reinforced corners and sides deliver extra protection, good enough to keep the tablet safe even in case of drops.

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Pricefrom $12.45
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