The iPad Pro is Totally Safe Wearing the Tough Jacket From Ballistic

The Tough Jacket – a once super-popular iPad Air accessory has finally been released by Ballistic to fit the brand new Apple iPad Pro. The rugged tablet case delivers multiple layers of protection keeping the device covered from all sides and safe from whatever comes its way on a daily basis. Special attention has been given to the corners of the case as they are the most vulnerable parts – they have been reinforced to offer extra protection in case of drops. Raised bezel offers scratch and shock protection to the tablet’s screen. A handy integrated stand feature provides several viewing angles.

About Ballistic:

For more than 20 years, Ballistic engineers and designers have been devoted not only to pioneering device protection, but perfecting it. Through experience, ingenuity and discipline, Ballistic has created some of the most durable, innovative cases on the market.

By deliberately designing every aspect of our cases to provide superior drop protection, Ballistic has developed a full arsenal of protective technologies like Six-Sided Drop Protection and impact-proof Ballistic Corners®. That way, every customer who carries a Ballistic case gets the protection they want and the peace of mind they need.

Our passion for innovation begins in 1993 when Ballistic’s parent company, A.G. Findings & Mfg. Co., dipped its toe in the accessory business by producing 10,000 beeper chains. By 1995, AGF was one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of paging products in North America. But this was only the beginning.

AGF first experiments with injection molding and creates a Timex BeepWear beeper watch accessory that allows you not only to clip your watch to your belt, but to have it stand on your desk. Would this innovation serve as a precursor to Ballistic belt clips? Time would tell.

AGF realizes the huge potential for extreme device protection, but only if it’s done right. Other companies were so busy with minimal protection innovations that they completely missed the importance of having an idea behind the innovation. This insight led to AGF’s launch of Ballistic and brought protective technology to a whole new level. After over 8,000 hours of passion, persistence, setbacks and breakthroughs, the first series of Ballistic cases was born. And it totally lived up to its name: Hard Core. Its patented dual-sided over-molding coupled with the first and only patented holster to work with or without gel skin, made the Hard Core series an unqualified success!

Currently, Ballistic has seven different series of cases ranging from sleek to rugged, each designed with the most advanced protective technologies on the market. Along with our innovative spirit, our lines will continue to grow as the demand for lasting device protection does, too. So, whether it’s the Ballistic design approach that yields innovations like Six-Sided Drop Protection, or our passion for materials that are as durable as they are beautiful, the Ballistic team will continue to pursue our one common goal: Perfecting Protection.

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