KAVAJ Take the iPad Pro on a Trip to London In Their Portfolio Case

The Apple iPad Pro receives yet another redesigned portfolio tablet case to fit its size and needs. This time it were the guys at KAVAJ, who rethought their super-popular London to provide the newest iPad owners with clean and professional looks, coupled with elevated functionality. Crafted from premium leather the case is just as becoming as it is protective. There are several card slots and a larger document pocket on the inside next to a specifically designed pen holder, which offers a perfect place to store the Apple Pencil. The case can be closed up via classic tab lock. Integrated stand functionality offers several viewing angles, while the tablet compartment has been cut in a way to offer immediate access to all ports and buttons.

About KAVAJ:

When we started KAVAJ, we didn’t know how to make an iPad case. We just knew that we couldn’t find one we liked for our own, original first-release iPad. We looked far and wide, too. They were either ugly (covering up the iPad’s natural beauty), huge (hiding the iPad’s slim, sleek body) or cumbersome (going against the iPad’s extreme ease of use). So, we decided we’d have to make the right case ourselves. It’s how some of the best companies were started, right? The problem was, we had never been in business before, either.

So, we decided to start KAVAJ on these principles: We would make leather cases that are super-slim and of extremely high quality. We would try not only to do well, but also to do good. And we would treat our customers like kings and queens. If our customers are happy, we are happy. We listen to our customers carefully every single day. In fact, our customers are constantly helping us improve our cases, much like the app makers improve their software based on customer feedback. We have used this formula to become the top-selling iPad case maker in the first two countries we have sold in: First, in Germany, our home. Then, we expanded to the United Kingdom, and quickly became the top-selling case there as well. Now we hope to do the same in the United States.

The greatest compliment our customers pay us is that their technology is even better and more classy with a KAVAJ case than without it. Many people write to tell us that our cases make their device complete. These words are music to our ears, as it is why we started KAVAJ to begin with.

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