Shell Your iPad Pro From Harm With the New Folio Case From Amzer

Amzer Shell is the latest accessory in the line of cases designed to fit and protect the Apple iPad Pro from damage. The folio tablet case offers all-round protection, but provides immediate access to all ports and buttons when needed. On the inside there’s a card slot, and a pocket, while on the outside there’s a pen or a stylus holder – a perfect place to keep the Apple Pencil. The case transforms into a highly convenient tablet stand with multiple viewing angles. The case comes with an elastic strap lock, to keep it secured during travel. Offering added comfort is the hand strap on the inside, which allows one-handed use.

About Amzer:

Amzer was founded in 2003, by a visionary who knew that the future of communication is in wireless devices, he knew communication devices would sell in millions in the future becoming indispensable part of everyone's lives. To complement these gadgets - he created products which did not exist in the market.

Amzer has since been providing the widest variety of products for smartphones and tablets, the products are crafted to meet everyone's needs and lifestyle. Amzer is dedicated to providing a range of high quality products which are a result of the latest technology, design, accuracy, research, innovation, dedication and demand.

Amzer possibly has the most diverse range of accessories - ranging from protective gear like cases and screen protection to everyday utility tools like cables and mounts. Our products are a result of hundreds of hours of research and development in our labs - we provide what you want, how you want. When we say variety we mean variety - we have over 80 different cases for the iPhone, we have something for everyone. We don't only focus on high-end devices, but have accessories for devices across segments.

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