The iPad Pro Builds Brydges Into Carefree Future With the New Keyboard

The engineers at Brydge have finally laid their hands on an Apple iPad Pro and created the latest generation of their ultra-popular accessory. Just like its predecessors, BrydgePro is a keyboard tablet case with combines ergonomics and functionality with great everyday protection. The case delivers a unique, patented hinge, which makes the tablet look almost like the MacBook, although the combined weight of the device and the keyboard is less than that of the MacBook. The newest accessory will launch in April, but the first 1000 customers to pre-order it will get luxurious leather Carry Case.

About Brydge:

We consult them for answers. We turn to them for entertainment, communication and work. We handle them constantly, marvelling at the craft quality. Tablets have truly become like a member of the family. None more so than the Apple iPad, unveiled to an enthralled world in 2010 and still going strong. With its clean lines, effortless handling and impressive computing power, it has become a design icon.

Ever since an early version of our product got its start after one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history, we have wanted to be a part of that icon. In April 2014, our real history began. Brydge was reborn with a new team, but our name still speaks for itself: we design stunning keyboards that serve as a bridge between you and the tablet.

More than that, the Brydge is a keyboard worthy of this tablet, echoing its deceptive simplicity and rugged reliability. You wouldn’t put cheap wheels on a Ferrari – why would you clasp a plastic keyboard to the iPad, when you can bond it to a single piece of beautifully honed, solid aluminum?

And we’re taking that solidity forward. Brydge aims to build a brand as durable as our keyboards, boosted by the enthusiasm of an already loyal fan base. We’ve got exciting plans to expand our range to fit all members of the iPad family, and delight a growing set of tech connoisseurs who want the best for their devices. The sky’s the limit, but a quality typing experience will always be our benchmark. Watch this space – we’re building a lot of Brydges.

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