Santa Giveaway Winner Shares His Experience of Winning 30 Tablet Cases

Just over a month ago Tablet2Cases ran a Santa Giveaway, where we made Pete from Blasdell, New York super-happy with a bundle of 30 tablet cases worth over $550. The Giveaway didn’t require any purchase and had quite a simple set of rules, while rewards were quite considerable.

The package came featuring everything a modern tablet owner needs starting from simple screen protectors and sophisticated portfolio tablet cases, and going all the way to keyboard tablet cases and travel adapters, tablet play cases designed for children and rugged tablet cases for grown-ups.

Recently we had a chat with our lucky winner and here’s what he had to share about his experience winning the Santa Giveaway:

Tablet2Cases: Hi Pete. How are you doing?
Pete: Hello and thank you again for selecting me as the giveaway winner. 

Tablet2Cases: Did you win anything else before of the value of $500 or more?
Pete: Yes I have.

Tablet2Cases: What do you think of the items? Are you satisfied with their quality?
Pete: I am very satisfied.

Tablet2Cases: Is there a specific item you love and use every day? Why?
Pete: I use the magnetic air vent mount for my phone because of the ease of use.

Tablet2Cases: The gift basket was filled with various products, did you offer some of them to your loved ones? If yes, did they like it?
Yes I did. I gave some nieces and nephews. They loved the Angry Birds and Hello Kitty cases.

Tablet2Cases: Were there any products that you have won and found awesome, but didn't really consider buying before?
Pete: The magnetic air vent mount for my phone. I've never used or even heard of one before and I thought it was an ingenious idea. I use it every day.

Tablet2Cases: During one of our emails, you mentioned you were actually typing your reply from the keyboard from the gift basket, how was that?
Pete: It was great. Easy to use. Easy to connect via bluetooth and the keys feel very good to the touch.

- Would you recommend Tablet2Cases to others? What do you think of the quality/price ratio of the item on the website?
Pete: I would recommend it to others as the prices are too good to beat anywhere else.

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