Find the tablet cases written in the stars: items that match each zodiac sign! PART 1/2

As the countdown to Valentine's Day has started, so does the stress to find that special gift for your partner. If you find yourself in lack of ideas, trust the stars! Your love is a match made in heaven, we say tablets and cases are too! ♥


Those born under the Aries sign are elegant and confident; they always turn heads wherever they go. Even if they want it or not, they are in the center of attention and, let’s face it, it’s hard to find reasons why they shouldn't be. They are charming, full of energy and smart, an Aries will sweep you of your feet.

A slick, beautiful Cooper Envelope Universal Sleeve with front pockets and zipper pocket on the back is the best for an Aries, it’s as eye catching as they are.


BUY Cooper Envelope Universal Sleeve
PRICE from $14.95


Aries is passionate and loves life, so red is a great color for them. The Macally Slim Protective Folio Case and Stand has a beautiful faux-leather look and high quality to withstand Aries' busy schedule. 

BUY Macally Slim Protective Folio Case and Stand
PRICE $19.95


Passion, strength, determination – these are the main qualities of Taurus. Taurus will stop at nothing to fight for their dreams and make proud their loved ones. This ambition is irresistible! Despite working hard to fulfill their goals, Taurus will always find time for their friends and family!

Uniq Transforma Heritage Folio Case it’s simply ingenious, like a Taurus, and the premium vegan leather material looks and feels good.

BUY Uniq Transforma Heritage Folio Case
PRICE $44.95

Cooper Magic Wand Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a secret to Taurus' success – small, but efficient. Resistant for the busy schedule and the high pace of Taurus' life.

BUY Cooper Magic Wand Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
PRICE $44.95 $29.95


You can never get bored with Gemini! They are creative and they surround everyone with their light spirit and enthusiasm. Gemini make friends easily, they are emphatic and loyal, a day with Gemini is to remember.

Agent18 Flipshield Folio Case has a great design, the beautiful mix of the dark and light, yet with a playful surprise – a great insight of Gemini's personality.

BUY Agent18 Flipshield Folio Case
PRICE $39.95


Bluelounge Bonobo Tablet Sleeve is surely a way to keep Gemini’s multiple interests and passions under control, so clutter and lost time with accessories will not lower their enthusiasm.

BUY Bluelounge Bonobo Tablet Sleeve
PRICE $59.95 $26.95



As the animal they are represented with, Cancer is close to earth – it is grounded and nourishes around the people they love and the places they call home. Cancer is known for their kindness and generosity and as an avid protector of the ones dear to them. With great interpersonal skills and strong will, Cancer is hard to stop when they set their mind on something.

Cooper NaturPro Wood Folio Case is the case for a sun sign like Cancer - connected to earth, to home, to the roots – all reflected in a beautiful natural bamboo contemporary handmade case.

BUY Cooper NaturPro Wood Folio Case
PRICE from $34.95 $24.95


Cooper Infinite Executive Universal Keyboard Folio Case comes in many beautiful colors that reflect Cancer's inner light and beautiful personality. 

BUY Cooper Infinite Executive Universal Keyboard Folio Case
PRICE from $41.45 $28.95


Royalty. Leo is all about royalty – extravagance, high quality and making and unforgettable impression. Leo’s radiance reflects in everything they do, their work, their relationships and their social life. They are invited everywhere and involved in everything and they deliver as great as their reputation states. Trust a Leo to amaze and be able to set a fire in the coldest of hearts. 

TS Crocodile Case has the touch of luxury every Leo needs. Just look at that texture!

BUY Cooper Infinite Executive Universal Keyboard Folio Case
PRICE $39.95 $17.45


LionCase Ultra Slim Leather Folio is like a great hunt, its fake-leather look is sensual and its lightweight is a beautiful fit for a Leo’s tablet.


BUY LionCase Ultra Slim Leather Folio
PRICE $24.95


If you have a friend or a co-worker that is always setting up the details and organizing gatherings where everyone is satisfied, then most probably they are a Virgo. These wonderful people might sometimes be underrated for their careful way of doing things and the ability to observe details other miss but prove critical. They are the center of harmony, bringing joy wherever they go.

Being successful in everything is a lot of work and a lot of organization – something a Virgo can do easily, so the Cocoon Graphit Sleeve with Organizer Pocket was created for a rockstar like Virgo.

BUY Cocoon Graphit Sleeve with Organizer Pocket
PRICE $49.95


The Cooper B1 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is light, doesn't take a lot of space in the bag and it can easily be connected to a tablet or a mobile device, exactly what a Virgo is looking for.


BUY Cooper B1 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
PRICE $28.45 $22.95




Tell us in the comments your zodiac sign and which item is a match made in heaven for your tablet! ♥
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