Strut Launches the iPad Airs to a New Level of Luxury

Looking for a truly luxurious tablet case for your iPad Air or Apple iPad Air 2? Look no further than the LaunchPort from Strut. It’s actually a combination of two – a stunning tablet shell and a unique tablet stand called Pedestal. The shell is handmade from a variety of material, each a result of an elaborate, multi-step finishing process ending up in a true work of art. Naturally, the case provides excellent all-round protection, but its main purpose is aesthetics, of course. The stand is also handmade from jewelry-grade stainless steel. With small-batch, triple-layer process, the sphere and base parts of the stand are chromed and buffed to offer extreme durability and beauty. The shell and the stand come together thanks to built-in magnets offering perfect viewing angles to all lucky owners.

About Strut:

STRUT has achieved benchmark status throughout the world for its trendsetting and distinctive grille collections, wheels, and accessories designed for connoisseurs of luxury automobiles.

Created like fine jewelry, each collection is handcrafted from the finest grade materials such as stainless steel diamond woven mesh and real carbon fiber.

STRUT allows owners to personally individualize their vehicle to be one-of-a-kind, providing a level of bespoke luxury to and exclusivity to stand out from the crowd. STRUT is available through high-end automobile dealerships and automotive customizing boutiques.

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