NewFlux Designs Take Bizness Seriously With a Multi-angle Folio Case

After successfully funding their Kickstarter campaign and rewarding all backers, NewFlux Designs continue to create innovative folio tablet cases for a variety of devices. The Bizness Black is designed for the Apple iPad Air 2 and sports the same winning principle as the rest of the family: deliver virtually any viewing angle. The tablet is covered with a hard shell from all sides, but allows access to all ports and buttons. The cover is attached to it via neodymium magnets, locking it in place at any position, even previously unthinkable ones. The powerful magnets ensure each and every chosen angle is stable enough for users to enjoy.

About NewFlux Designs:

NewFlux Designs is all about finding simpler yet more intuitive ways to use the technologies and devices that have become part of today’s way of life.

It all started when a small group of people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise came together to create a team with the creative thinking, the idea generation, the marketing prowess, and the manufacturing and development power to create and launch innovations efficiently and successfully. To use an old adage, NewFlux Designs isn’t setting out to reinvent the “wheel.” But we just might reinvent the way people use it.

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