The $150 Gear for Spring Break! Are you ready for the fun?

Spring break 2016 is upon us, and most you students go “who-hoo” in anticipation of all the parties, travel, and fun adventures with your friends. While you pack your bathing suit and sunblock, don’t forget some other miscellaneous items for the fun.

We all know what’s coming: pool parties, wet t-shirt contests, road trips, and other fun activities, but as we all know very well, safety always comes first - that included your tablet and smartphone!

Let’s take a look at the Top 6 tablet cases and accessories for your amazing, worry-free Spring Break, choose the best one for your plans and set up your holiday gear:


1. Bluelounge Bonobo Apple iPad / 8-9.7” Tablet Sleeve

The Bonobo from Bluelounge is famous for its durability keeping the tech wonders inside safe from whatever comes their way. This tablet messenger bag is also quite good-looking and trendy with its silent, minimalist style. It fits just about any tablet up to 9.7” and besides the main compartment for the device offers lots of additional space both on the inside and the outside. A removable shoulder strap offers a comfy way to stroll around with the bag. The best part? It’s Eco-friendly made entirely from recycled bottles, which actually turns out to be a good thing – as it gives the bag water and scratch resistance.



2. Cooper Submarine IP68 Rugged Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

The name of this waterproof tablet case is no joke. Thanks to IP68 standard compatibility it can be submerged under 1 m of water for up to 30 mins without any damage, while having all buttons functional. Oh yes, that means.... underwater photos! The case also allows the tablet to be dropped from 2 m heights with no consequences. All this makes the Submarine from one of the most durable cases out there. It comes in 3 sizes: for the iPad Minis, for iPad 2-4, and the iPad Air 1.



3. Cooper Power Card Universal Smartphone & Tablet Portable Powerbank

Lengthy holidays are impossible without a proper mobile powerbank nowadays. Cooper’s Power Card Pro will provide enough juice to keep tablets and smartphones going if your party goes well into the next day. 1,350 mAh capacity is more than enough to provide over 1 full charge to most modern smartphones. Built-in micro USB output means most Android devices can be charged without additional cables. Most importantly the case is so thin, it can fit inside a wallet.



4. Cooper Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Tablets & Mobile Devices

In case the DJ breaks his equipment, the Bass from Cooper will come to the rescue. Well, just kidding of course, this Bluetooth speaker won’t be able to substitute professional sound equipment, but it will certainly be the center of entertainment and ambiance in a smaller venue like your hotel room or a tent. Compatible with most electronic devices that carry the Bluetooth sign, this accessory will play your music from 20 meters and will connect with your device via NFC technology to avoid lengthy pairing.



5. Cooper Shutter Bug Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release for Smartphones & Phablets

What self-respecting student will go on Spring Break without a selfie stick attached to their smartphone? Cooper offers the Shutter Bug – an advance selfie taking accessory with remote Bluetooth shutter and support for most modern camera apps. The device is secured via premium anti-skid silicon gel pads and can be extended up to 83 cm, and the whole thing is quite light – only 165g.



6. Cooper Car Adapter Charger for Tablets and Phones


Oh there is no Spring Break without a road trip! This car adapter and charger will keep your gadget charged while finding your way by GPS, blasting those damn catchy summer songs and taking those memorable selfies. Plus it makes riding shotgun a little bit more fun! It can fit any device, make sure you choose the correct one for your gadget.




 Now you're all set to go! Have a blast!

What is your indispensable tablet accessory for spring break? Tell us in the comments! 

Do you have stories from previous spring breaks when your tablet/smartphone accessory saved the day? Share below!


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