Available in Store Now - Cooper Mega Table Folding Laptop Desk for Bed & Sofa

Bed folding table for laptop and reading

Gone are the days when you have to remain rooted in your home office desk when you want to get some work done. Innovative and non-traditional furniture pieces like the Cooper Mega Table (formerly called Table Mate) folding laptop table stand allow you to work from any area of your home.

The multipurpose table desk can be used at your couch, bed, desk and even on the floor.

Folding Laptop Table with Numerous Functions

The best feature of this piece is its versatility. Nowadays, everyone is looking for home items that can be used for more than one purpose.

At $54.95, this folding laptop table is worth every penny. It comes in black or beige and compliments any décor.

When you open your very own box, you can expect your user manual, a storage shelf, bookstand, and the table mate. The surface of the tabletop measures 65 x 49 x 0.9 cm and stands up at 30 cm or 11.8". It also comes with a storage drawer.

The folding table has a max weight of 40 kg or 88 lbs.


How to Use the Cooper Mega Table

Only your imagination is the limitation. Whatever your need, this multipurpose workstation has you covered.

Dealing with a pressing deadline or looking to unleash some new characters for a story? No worries! Settle down with your thoughts and unfurl your passion for writing. The desk is ideal as a writing table, it can easily be moved to your favorite corner to scribble or type out your work.

The Cooper table works great if you are trying to minimize the mess created by your kids. It is also helpful if you want to give them a workstation of their own where they can do their homework or have a snack.

The unit is also versatile enough to be used as a serving table. If you are looking to surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed, why not load up the stand?

Customers Love the Cooper Mega Table Desk

Don’t take our word for how special and trendy this item can be. Our customers have shared glowing recommendations about how useful they find the folding table.

Folding laptop table review

Also, our staff has been described as excellent, top of the line, prompt, great, amazing, speedy and kind.

We go out of our way to make sure you get what you want. So, if you are looking for a solid multifunctional unit that will hold up to the rigors of your active lifestyle, try the Cooper Mega Table.


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