Everything you need to know about Apple's Keynote Announcement

Apple MARCH Peek Performance and WWDC 2022

While the entire world was grimly watching the events unfolding in Eastern Europe, Apple was quietly preparing to make some exciting announcements. Apple’s Peek Performance event was held on March 8, 2022. It was a virtual event, like much of Apple’s events lately. The first event of the year was awaited with much excitement as the rumor mills were talking of several new releases of iPhones and Macbooks and iMacs.

The Apple watchers were expecting to hear of iPhone SE (Third generation), iPad Air (Fifth generation), 27-inch iMac, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini. Additionally, there was talk of software updates and M2 SoC chip. Now that the event is over and we know all the reveals and announcements, let us take a look at Apple’s latest offerings and what to expect at the WWDC which is expected to be held in June or July.

New Products announced by Apple in March 2022

Apple had plenty to offer to its customers at the Peek Performance Event. There are plenty of new devices and exciting products for Apple enthusiasts to look forward to. So here is a list of the announcements for new products that you can save your money to buy:

Scintillating New Colors for iPhone 13

Apple introduced a new color for its iPhone 13 range. So if you want people to turn green with envy, you can now buy it in green color. While the regular iPhone 13 comes in green, the iPhone 13 Pro is available in a cool Alpine Green. Both these color variants were released on March 18, so you can go and grab one.

iPhone SE 3

Now here is good news for those of you waiting for the 5G version of the iPhone SE. While Apple has retained the same design elements, all the excitement of the new release is packed in the hardware. The SE now comes with the same Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 which as per Apple will make the phone 8 times faster than the old Apple 8 – it is a weird comparison, but should give you some idea as to the speed. Additionally, it now supports 5G and has a 12 Mpeg selfie camera which supports smart HDR and Deep Fusion and a few other camera enhancements not available with SE 2. The New SE has an improved battery life which may be attributed to the more efficient A 15 chip rather than an enhancement in the battery capacity. Overall it is good for an entry-level Apple phone but at a starting price of USD 429, it is pricier than the Android phones of comparable specs. It is available in three color variants Midnight, Starlight, and Red.

iPad Air 2022

There is good news for iPad air enthusiasts. The new Apple iPad Air 5 has discarded the slower A14 chip to the faster M1 chip and Octa-core CPU that makes this iPad Air 60% faster than its older sibling. Apple boasts that this makes its iPad Air twice as fast as a Windows laptop in the same price range. It also has a brighter display and a new 12 MPEG camera with a wide-angle lens. It also supports the Center-Stage software feature and comes with an option that supports 5G technology. The new iPad Air 2022 has a base model price of USD 599.

M1 Ultra Chip

While all the predictions pointed at a new M2 chip announcement, it did not materialize. Instead of M2, Apple announced M1 Ultra SoC. The Ultra is essentially two M1 Max chips connected with a secret connection feature. What that gives us is a homogenously powerful chip with insane speed. Apple boasts that this mega chip has 2.5 TBPS inter-processor bandwidth. It also has a 64 core GPU, 800 GBPS memory bandwidth, and up to 128 GB of unified memory. That is some serious computing power.

Mac Studio

Here is the best announcement to come out of the Peek Performance Event. The new Mac Studio is now available with the super performer M1 Ultra Chip. Mac Studio 2022 is in essence a Mac Mini with some serious enhancements. As per Apple, the M1 Ultra makes the Mac Studio 80% faster than the mac pro. It is capable of handling 18 streams of 8k videos which is a feat no other computer can perform. It does come with a lesser option of M1 Max. The new Studio has four Thunderbolt 4 Ports along with a 10 GB ethernet, HDMI, Audio, and two USB-A ports on the back. The front has two USB-C ports. It is a compact design that can sit under the display. The base price for the Mac Studio is USD 1999.

Studio Display 27-Inch

When a new Mac Studio is announced, it has to be matched with a new Studio Display too. The New Studio Display 27-Inch comes with a 5K retina resolution with 14.7 million pixels. It is supported by Apple’s Trutone Technology and an anti-reflective coating. It comes with 600 nits brightness, P3 color coverage, and 1 Billion colors. The stand is tiltable and can be tilted up to 30 degrees. The monitor also has a 12 Mpeg camera with Center Stage Tech and a 6 speaker audio system and 3 studio-quality mic supports. It comes with a 96W Thunderbolt power delivery. The Studio Display is available at a starting price of USD 1599.

While the rumors had spoken about a lot more products and services to be announced, it seems that this was all for the Spring Event from Apple. However, Apple has already announced the dates for its much-awaited developer’s event Apple WWDC 2022 event. It will be held on June 7th, 2022. As a first, Apple will be holding its WWDC 2022 as an online-only event. Normally the entry to the event costs about USD 1600/- but this year, it is a free event.

Now you can go and check out these awesome new products from Apple and when buying your new Apple iPad or iPhone, do not forget to grab your protective cases at Tablet2Cases.

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