Now Available for iPhone 14 and betther than ever!

Well, iPhone 14 is here and now you need a case to protect it and personalize it so it looks uniquely yours. In sync with the iPhone 14 launch, Mujjo has come out with its signature leather case to honor this newest addition to the iPhone gallery.

Mujjo is no stranger to the connoisseurs of iPhones and its accessories. Quality demands quality, and Mujjo cases are quality and style incarnate. Mujjo’s premium leather iPhone cases are just as eagerly awaited as the new iPhones by their loyal customers. The premium quality, stunning craftsmanship, and style make Mujjo Leather iPhone cases stellar and must-haves.

Mujjo Premium Leather iPhone 14 cases are designed to perfectly fit the iPhone 14. Its slim profile and lightweight do not add unnecessary bulk or weight to the iPhone making it easy to use and hold. It gently hugs the iPhone and follows its contours faithfully providing it protection and better grip.

Find it in two versions

Mujjo Full Leather Case

With a slim profile and clean silhouette that follow the contours of the device, this case has a well-balanced design that feels secure in your hand. As well as offering protection from everyday knocks and bumps, it includes MagSafe technology for quick and easy wireless charging and new machined metal buttons to optimize responsiveness.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Designed to hold 2 to 3 of your essential cards such as ID and bank cards, the leather wallet cases eliminates bulky pockets. Already adored and adopted by many who have become dependent upon it, this case will protect your iPhone and carry your cards all in one sleek package.


Machined metal buttons and Ecco leather

The side buttons are machined from metal for extra clickiness and optimal responsiveness. The metal is dyed to match the leather colour, in line with our minimalist aesthetic.

The Mujjo iPhone case is made of genuine premium grade Ecco leather which is sourced from the Netherlands. This vegetable-dyed leather is considered the gold standard in the leather industry and is known for its durability and wearability. The more your use this leather, the better it gets. The inside is lined with soft and long-lasting Japanese microfibre lining that is silky to the touch and provides the perfect padding for the iPhone. The Ecco leather is beautifully styled and crafted to create each one of Mujjo iPhone 14 cases. No need to worry about knicks, scratches, or accidental falls, Mujjo premium Leather cases are designed to protect your precious iPhone.

Japanese microfibre lining

The case interior is lined with the finest Japanese microfibre, a slim, super-strong fabric that is also exceptionally lightweight. With a satin-like finish, this material provides luxurious padded comfort for your iPhone.

Enhanced protection

The case features a raised bump around the rear-camera to protect the protruding lenses. The base of the device is neatly covered, providing extra protection without obstructing the speakers or the charging port. To protect the display, the leather rises 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from the screen.


Magnetic technology is built into the case for fast wireless charging, as well as compatibility with MagSafe accessories. (Mujjo MagSafe accessories are coming soon!)


Choose your Colour of preference with a beautiful finish that improves with use.

Mujjo Premium Leather Case for iPhone 14 is available in 3 classy colors – Tan, Black, and Blue. It is designed to fit the 6.1” iPhone 14.

The case exudes craftsmanship, delivered through the high quality of the vegetable-tanned leather. Over time, the colour will become richer and develop a beautiful patina – making it unique to you.

Learn more about Mujjo’s Iconic Leather Case

Mujjo always reflected their passion for high-quality craftsmanship and they’ve been consistently ranked as the best out there.

Tablet2Cases is the official distributor of Mujjo iPhone cases. The Mujjo iPhone 14 leather cases will soon be available at our store. Keep an eye out for our launching announcement to grab yours as soon as they are available. Besides the iPhone 14 cases, we also have cases for other smartphones and iPhones available at our store. Take a look!

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