Kid Safe Parental Control Apps for Every Tablet

If you have ever been to a restaurant you probably have given your child a device to keep them entertained. Or maybe you were traveling and allowed your child to watch a previously downloaded movie while your drive. We have all been there. Today, children know how to use their parents tablets and phones before they know how to talk.

There are amazing applications available for teaching your children important skills,  or giving them entertainment when you desperately need to finish up work or cook dinner. The problem arises when your child clicks something they shouldn’t. Parental control apps were made for this reason. Download the following kids safe parental control apps that can be used on any tablet.


Kids Place

Kids place is an all in one app. You create a password that must be used to login in and out of the application, making sure you child can’t leave without your permission. You choose which apps your child can look at and if you want them to have use of the WIFI network. You can also prevent them from doing anything on your phone that could cost money. This includes, making phone calls, sending texts or downloading applications. The best part is, it is free! You can download it now from the Google Play store.  




If time management is your concern, Screentime is the app for you. It allows you set to manage the amount of time your child spends on his or her device. You can set time limits for different days, as well as bed and school time limitations. Want certain apps available all the time? You can program that too. From your phone you can pause your child’s device, or if you think they deserve it, give them bonus time. You can also block apps you don’t want your child to use and prevent them from deleting Screentime from their device. It is compatible with Android and iOS and the basic addition is free. Upload to premium for $3.99 a month for additional features.



Norton Family

If you want an app from a name you can trust, use Norton Family. While it is the most expensive device on the list at $49.99, it packs a huge feature punch. This app features web filtering, which allows you to monitor what sites they visit, while maneuvering them away from questionable content. If your child attempts to visit a site you previously blocked, an email notification is sent to you. This gives you an opening to start important and potentially life changing conversations with your kids. You can also manage what apps your child is allowed to use. If their device has data, Norton features a location tracker so you always know where your child is. You can use Norton Family on Android and iOS.



Using a kids safe parental control app, can save you unneeded stress and sometimes even money. The three apps mentioned are some of the best in the industry. They provide an easy way to give your child “free reign” of your devices, with some limitations of course!

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