Tablet2Cases Adds Option to Pay with Bitcoin and Litecoin for Tablet Cases

Tablet2Cases accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash

Keeping up with the latest trends and styles in technology is fairly binary but protecting phones and tablets doesn't need to be. Tablet2Cases curates, selects and assists in helping individuals and businesses to find the perfect solution for their bespoke needs including tablet keyboards. This is a vanguard moment from a global leader in phone covers, tablet cases and tablet keyboards.

"We believe that the addition of cryptocurrencies as a payment option has edged us into the marketplace as a world leader," said Co-Founder and Managing Director Pavel Smirnov. "As an international company, we pride ourselves in delivering personalized service, one customer at a time. Cryptocurrencies are the obvious next step in our amazing success story." 

How it all started

This is a success story which started from a need for high quality phone and tablet cases along with tablet keyboards and has grown into a market leader across a network of international services, corporate and logistics thanks to being future forward.

Sagi Luel, Co-Founder and Managing Director agrees, "We're excited to be the world's first store to do this. Working in a marketplace driven by technology, we need to constantly ensure that the trust and the needs of the end user is in our sights always. It was a clear choice to add cryptocurrencies to our checkout."

Until now, paying for tablet cases and keyboards at Tablet2Cases online store has been reflected in the consumers currency of choice. By adding cryptocurrencies as payment, Tablet2Cases believes that this is a forefront moment for customers by diversifying and making purchases simpler than ever.

How does it work?

cryptocurrency checkout It's simple. Select your manufacturer here and choose your tablet case, keyboard or mobile phone accessory. Tablet2Cases offers competitive prices for individual and bulk purchases.

Once you're at the checkout, besides standard credit card & PayPal payment methods, you'll now have an option to pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash or Bitcoin Cash (BCH)!

Pure Sense Cases, Sumato Watchbox, and Cooper Cases are also a part of Tablet2Cases, together, these three stores also accept cryptocurrency payment and they're globally leading the way in phone and tablet cases. 

World's best tablet cases distributor

Tablet2Cases is continually growing, changing and adding new products to their online stores, and providing individuals and businesses with more world-beating ways to pay for their purchases.

Since its inception in 2011, Tablet2Cases has been the definitive resource on tablet cases. Offering hundreds of cases and accessories, Tablet2Cases is one of the world's best and most diverse tablet case distributors. 

Our reviews, ratings, videos and photos provide some of the most comprehensive information on the market. From iPads to Samsung tablets and beyond, Tablet2Cases consistently offers the largest selection of cases at the lowest prices.

Tablet cases reviews

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