Ready to Impress with Mujjo latest release?

Mujjo has announced recently a new color for their iPhone 11 cases. It's called Slate Green, and it will be the perfect company for your Midnight Green iPhone.

"We’ve named this colorway Slate Green because the desaturated green blends the graphite-like appearance with both cooler forest greens and warmer khaki tones arriving at a subtle and complex color finish. It’s a mature, sophisticated tone that will hold its own among our contemporary designs." - Mujjo

✔ Fully wrapped with premium full-grain soft, supple leather

✔ Creates a super-slim profile

✔ The leather bezel rises 1mm above the edge of the screen to protect from abrasive surfaces

✔ Lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber with a sophisticated satin-like finish

✔ The buttons covered in leather, designed explicitly for responsiveness

✔ Give your case personal character with leather that acquires a unique patina with use

✔ A natural product, unlike any other case

✔ The texture of each case is different, making them unique & beautiful

✔ Choose Black color if you don't want color patina to change

Being that Mujjo cases are made of quality leather, you can enjoy the case taking on patina.  This means your case will look better over time.

What is Patina?

A soft sheen that develops through use and exposure on the surface of the material which provides a character, a personality, to the product.

Exposure to the elements is the purest way for patina to thrive. Different elements, though, provide different finishes. For instance, sunlight and heat will bring out our leather’s golden tones whereas rain and sea water will leave splash marks and natural oils from your hands will cause darker patches to form. The best way then to speed up the patina process is to simply use your case. Use it all the time, every time you leave the house without being delicate. The more the leather is exposed to the outdoors, the better.

Available in two variants

The new Slate Green color is available in both variants; Leather Case and Leather Wallet case, so you'll get the same popular case that you've seen in the past, but in a nice new color.

Both Leather Cases fit like a glove. They hugs the phone beautifully with the leather wrapping over, around the corners and into the inside of the case which is lined with a buttery soft layer to protect your phone.


Combining your daily carry essentials

Designed with fuss-free travel in mind – a Mujjo original praised for its functionality and form. Combining two of your daily carry essentials into one sleek package, able to hold 2 or 3 of your cards, such as ID and bank cards, this leather wallet cover protects your iPhone and eliminates the need for bulky pockets.

Satin-like microfiber-lined interior

The case interiors are lined with the finest Japanese microfiber, a slim, super-strong fabric that is also exceptionally lightweight. With a sophisticated, satin-like finish, this material provides luxurious padded comfort for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Screen Edge Protected

The leather rises 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from your screen.

It’s the little things

Speaking of details, the buttons are fully covered in leather, which adds to the sleekness of the overall design. The optimized button profile is specifically designed and tested for responsiveness and ease of use – the result of a production process that we’ve meticulously refined. The camera opening and mute button are tapered inwards for effortless use and a smooth aesthetic.

Beautiful finish that improves with use

The cases exude immaculate craftsmanship, delivered through the high quality of the full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, which looks terrific when you first start using the case – and even better over time when it’s had a chance to patina. The color becomes richer and the character comes through as you use it and abuse it – every stain, every scratch makes it yours, and unique to you.


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