The Pure Sense Buddy Wins PTPA Seal of Approval

Buddy iPad case wins Parent Tested Parent Approved award

Tablet2Cases is happy to announce that the best selling kid-proof tablet case, the Buddy by Pure Sense Cases, has achieved yet another success milestone!

The widely recognized Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) community has bestowed its sought-after seal of approval on the Pure Sense Buddy. The tablet case has been tested, vetted and endorsed by parents just like you, so you can rest in the knowledge that your kids will be protected when they use Buddy.


Buddy, the Kid Proof iPad Case Endorsed by the PTPA!

Parent Tested, Parent Approved iPad case for kids

A slamming 100% of parents who tested the Buddy said it worked perfectly, just as advertised and exactly as they hoped. The Buddy rugged case for kids has received an impeccable 5-Star rating from real-life parents who have all used the product. It's a huge testimonial in a world where most purchases are made online and parents are never sure if what is delivered to them will match what their expectations.

The Buddy comes with a lot of great features. Many parents particularly loved its shockproof protection. It's always reassuring to know that after spending a lot of money on an iPad, you have a way of protecting it from the inevitable falls and smacks that happen whenever kids are involved.

One of the parents had this to say:

"I am extremely happy with the Buddy Tablet Case. My daughter carries it every where like a purse. The Buddy Case just made my life a little less stressful. I don’t have to worry she will drop the iPad at any time. The case came with some cleaner which is so great to be able to clean all those little finger prints off. I have been telling all my friends about this case. It is antimicrobial which is fantastic. I am going to buy another one for a Christmas gift. If you worry about your children breaking their iPad this is a must which your daughter enjoys too.”

Parents also valued that the Buddy could be used by children with special needs, due to its adaptable and sturdy design.


 Antibacterial iPad case

World's First Antibacterial iPad Case for Kids

One of the Buddy's most interesting features is the iPad case's Antibacterial properties. The case has been lab tested to resist and prevent the growth of bacteria, microbial, fungal and mould growth for life. This unique quality comes from anti-bacterial additive provided by SteriTouch.

SteriTouch is an industry leader in the antimicrobial industry. Through cutting edge research they've developed special additives that make any material antimicrobial; from toiletries, to healthcare products, to children's toys.


Reasons to Choose Buddy - the Antimicrobial iPad Case

  • Every year, children miss a combined total of 22 million days of school due to cold
  • Adults miss a combined total of 20 million days because of the common cold
  • The flu virus is spread primarily by hands and hard surfaces, like toys
  • The virus can survive on hard surface for 24 hours
  • Using antimicrobial products like the Buddy by Pure Sense builds a shield between you and infections


Buy Pure Sense Buddy from Tablet2Cases

With over 1000 customer reviews with a 4.6/5 score average, the Buddy is your obvious and safe choice. You can purchase the Buddy case for variety of iPad models and Samsung Galaxy Tabs at Tablet2Cases online store.

All purchases are shipped worldwide with Advance Parcel Tracking, free shipping above $40, free returns and with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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