Cooper Slicker Universal Waterproof Sleeve for 5-8'' / 9-10.1'' Tablets

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The Cooper Slicker is a waterproof sleeve compatible with most tablets ranging from 5" to 8" & 9" - 10" in size. This simple, clear plastic accessory keeps outer elements like dirt, dust and moisture out. The sleeve comes with touch-screen sensitivity to keep the tablet usable while encased. Built like a sandwich bag, the Cooper Slicker has a myriad of applications. Its an ideal accessory in the kitchen, bathroom, school or at the beach.


  • 5"- 8"  Device space: 6.6 x .60 x 8.4 in (WDH)
  • 9" - 10" Device space: 8.8 x .60 x 10.3 in (WDH)
  • Made of clear, flexible plastic to maintain touch screen sensitivity
  • Waterproof construction keeps dirt, dust and moisture out
  • Sandwich bag-style zip lock for easy opening/closing
  • Features a hole for hanging on a nail or hook


    Model Name Slicker
    Tablet 5" Phablets, 6" Tablets, 7" Tablets, 8" Tablets, 9" Tablets, 10" Tablets
    Style Sleeve
    Brand Cooper Cases
    Function Outdoor, Travel
    Price Budget $1 - $39
    SKU CPR096CLR080, CPR096CLR100
    Dimensions 5"- 8" model - 7.0 x 11.4 in (WH)
    9" - 10" model - 9.2 x 13.2 in (WH)
    Weight 5"- 8" model - 51gr/1.7oz
    9" - 10" model - 63gr/2.2oz 
    Exterior Material Plastic
    Lock Zip lock
    Features Waterproof, Universal

    [Quick Overview]


    The Cooper Slicker waterproof sleeve is compatible with 5-8" and 9-10" tablets. This simple, clear plastic accessory incorporates a really easy to use sandwich bag-style zip lock. When sealed, it keeps dirt, dust, moisture and all other elements from harming the tablet. Screen touch-sensitivity is maintained as well as access to most tablet buttons. If needed, even the rear-camera can be used while encased. The sleeve also features a reinforced hole for hanging it on a nail or hook, or merging with a lanyard strap (not included).

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