Cooper Desk PRO Leather Folding Laptop Desk with Adjustable Height & Tilt Angles - Midnight Black
  Cooper Desk Pro - Work and Study Like a Pro A perfect addition to your home or office. A multifunctional workstation - adjustable lap table for work in bed or sofa, laptop gaming desk, snack tray for watching TV...
Dhs. 374.00 Dhs. 354.00
  • Midnight Black
  • Pearl White
Cooper Mega Table & Mega Table Plus - Large Folding Table Stand for Couch, Bed, Desk & Floor - White Oak
  Cooper Mega Table Plus XXL - the King of Folding Tables The Mega Table Plus XXL folding table (previously called Table Mate) by Cooper Cases is the perfect addition to your home or office. An extra-large multifunctional workstation - lap...
Dhs. 197.00 from Dhs. 158.00
  • White Oak
  • Black Onyx
  • Brown Rosewood
Bam Bino Space Suit Super Rugged Kids case with Screen Guard for iPad Pro 11 (4th-3rd-2nd-1st Gen) - Galactic Blue
Are you giving a high-end iPad to your kid? Accidents happen. On a good day, nothing breaks. A few scratches here and there. Maybe the corner gets a bit dinged. No big drama. Until that awkward fall at a funny...
from Dhs. 40.00
  • Galactic Blue
  • Solar Tangerine
  • Cosmic Black
Cooper Dynamo Rugged Kids Play Case for Apple iPad Pro 11 (4th-3rd-2nd-1st Gen) - Candy Blue
A Cooper Cases original, the Dynamo has a comforting foam casing that acts as a barrier between your child’s wild exploration and you have a heart attack.Originally launched in 2012, it’s great for all ages. Your 2 year-old can use...
Dhs. 87.00
  • Candy Blue
  • Bubble Gum Pink
  • Licorice Black
  • Apple Green
  • + 1
Pure Sense Buddy Antibacterial Rugged tablet case for Apple iPad Pro 11 - Blue
The Buddy is a tablet case that repels bacteria and protects your iPad. It's a special case that contains an antimicrobial agent (provided by SteriTouch) to controls organisms responsible for smell, odours, and staining. It does all of that while...
from Dhs. 40.00
  • Blue
  • Pink
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