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Are you looking to expose your brand with custom tablet cases? You’ve come to the right place!

Expose Your Brand

We’ve been operating since 2011 and have vast experience in producing personalized cases for different tablet models. You can choose from a large variety of cases with different designs and materials available. If you have your own idea or a design in mind, then we can work together to make it come to life!

Brand recognition is a very important factor for a company. Exposing your logo on a case is one of the easiest way to build brand awareness. Other methods of showcasing your brand on cases include customizing product colors or even making a fully custom designed product. Here are a few things about what this can bring to your company:

  • Generate new customers at no extra cost by building awareness
  • Increase customer loyalty to retain current clients
  • Encourage lost clients to come back
  • Save cost in marketing campaigns

Logo Application Methods

We offer two types of logo applications - heat-press and silk print. Both can be applied to common materials such as silicon, EVA, leather and faux-leather (aka PU leather).


Embedded Logo

Personalizing your tablet case with an embedded logo is a classic option. Embedding is created with a custom mold pre-configured of your logo, that is heat-pressed into the material. The production facilities we use have high-quality machinery to achieve the best results. Embedded logos are more resistant over the long run because they don't rub-off the surface. One drawback is that you can't apply colors. For color application and better visibility a silk print logo is more suitable.

Silk Print Logo

The silk print method is a popular printing technique for applying designs on EVA and silicon materials. Just like with embedding, a mold has to be created to apply the logo. Silk printing is a great way to capture the attention of potential prospects as colors make it more visible. However, if you are planning to clean your cases daily, the logo will wear off faster when compared to an embedded logo.



Why Work with Tablet2Cases?

Contact Tablet2Cases for Business Orders

Being on the top list of tablet cases manufacturers has given us a wide perspective on the need of business and corporate clients. Having been in the business for nearly a decade, we've produced custom cases for a wide variety of tablet models such as Apple iPad, Samsung, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer and much more. Built on such experience our sales team will have the answers that you are looking for.

Competent client support is our primary goal that over the years turned into our strength. We believe that good communication is a base for good negotiation. You can expect quality support 24/7 as we strive for excellence in everything we do for you. Please contact us about any requests you might have.

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