Get Road Trip Ready with 3 Tips for Entertaining Your Kids in the Car

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Summer road trips are often a family tradition. One where moms and dads pack up the car and take their children on exciting new adventures. While these vacations are exciting, the time spent in the car can make children restless. Because of this it is, important for parents to bring enough activities with them to keep kids entertained. Here are some ways you can use your tablet to keep your child happy on your next road trip. 


Watch Videos

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If your tablet has data you can stream movies and TV shows using apps like Netflix and Hulu. If it doesn’t simply download movies directly to the tablet that can be viewed without WIFI or cellular data. Movies and TV shows are the easiest way to keep multiple children entertained at once. You can even mount your tablet to the back of a seat or ceiling and use the car’s bluetooth to play the video’s sound through the car speakers. Doing this ensures endless hours of entertainment for your children and no fighting over the tablet.


Read a Book

Older children can use a tablet to download and store thousands of books. Before your next road trip allow your child to choose a few age appropriate books to download to your tablet. Then, when they get restless, give them the option to read the books they chose. Reading not only helps children learn and use their imagination, but guarantees the car will stay quiet. Unlike real books, which are impossible to read in the dark, ebooks can be read anytime of day or night. Not only that, but books use no cellular data and use up much less battery power when compared with video streaming.


Play a Game

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Games are another great way to keep kids entertained. There are thousands of free games made for kids of all ages and educational levels.You can download education games like the Endless games series or any of the fun games created by GazziliWorld. If playing games as a family is more your style try Family Car Games, an app designed specifically for road trips. This app gives you hundreds of different gaming options from pen and paper, to out the window and even games involving the radio.

Make your next road trip problem-free by filling your tablet with entertainment for your kids. Keeping them entertained will help to make sure your drive safe and quiet.

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