Super Charge Your Device’s Battery Life in Three Easy Steps


Imagine you are writing an important work memo or report. You are almost done and ready to hit save when your tablet shuts off! You weren’t watching your battery life and now you have to start your project all the way over. Find out the best ways to extend your device's battery life and and make sure that never happens to you.


Close Your Apps

There are many apps on your device that secretly drain your battery life. Google Maps, Facebook and Snapchat are just a few applications that can cause your battery to deplete quickly. To keep this from happening close out of your apps after you use them. To do that on Android click your multiview key and select close all. For Apple, double click the home key and slide each app to close.



Watch the Temperature

Temperature is one of the biggest killers of your device’s battery life. Apple even suggests you keep your iPad out of the heat. When you can keep your tablet at room temperature. If you take it with you travelling, don’t leave it in the car and keep it in shade if possible. This will improve not just the battery life, but the overall lifespan of the device as well.



Adjust the Screen Brightness

A device’s screen is arguably what uses the most battery power. The brighter your screen, the more battery it needs to operate. To extend battery life, adjust the brightness on your screen to a dimness that is comfortable for your eyes. To do this on Android go to Settings > Display > Brightness. For Apple go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.



With just a few swipes of your finger and taking good care of your device you can increase your device’s battery life by hours. Use these three easy tips now and save yourself from a potentially costly mistake in the future.

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