No Camera Required: Use Your Tablet or Smartphone to Take Pictures Like a Pro


Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and noticed photos that look professionally done? You try to take the same picture, using every app but never seem to get it right? This is probably because you aren’t using your device’s camera to its full advantage. Check out some tips and tricks to help you take pictures like a pro.


Watch Your Zoom Take-Pictures-Like-a-Pro-

When you use your camera’s zoom you are actually diminishing the quality of the photo. To prevent this avoid using your flash altogether. You can choose to get closer to the subject you’re shooting or crop the photo later to change the perspective. Either way the image will maintain its original quality and resolution. 


Forget the Flash

Using the flash almost always causes your photo to overexpose. It also changes the color and can make the subject look washed out. Instead of using the flash, work with whatever natural light you have. If you still aren’t happy with the photo you can use an exposure tool to fix the light or adjust the color.


Use Your Angles Take-Pictures-Like-a-Pro

Unique perspectives always make photos more interesting. Most photos are taken straight on. Instead, try laying on the ground and taking the photo at an upward angle. Or stand up high and tilt your device down. If you want your photo to look more artistic, twist your device and align the subject so it sits at a diagonal.


App it Up

There are so many different editing tools that allow you to make every photo you take original. Each app has different features including an array of filters, blurring tools, contrast adjustments and collage layouts. Instagram has built in filters for your photos but you can also try apps like Snapseed or Google Photos.


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Do you have other tips for taking pictures like a pro? Tell us about them and we may add them to our list! 

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