Utilize Solar Power to the Maximum with LilyPad for iPad

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  • iPad LilyPad case
  • iPad LilyPad case review

LilyPad is a book tablet cases for iPad with a solar power battery. In typical conditions the new case can continually charge the pad on-the-go for up to fourteen days. The case also features a built-in HDMI output and a USB Power outlet for charging other devices.

The case can be folded to double up as a viewing tablet stand , perfect for typing and viewing multimedia. While the solar power capability is the main selling point of the case, there are other interesting features present. One of them is the “Whistle Locator”, which will audibly respond to a simple whistle, providing easy location of the device.

The solar powered tablet case comes with a special carrying bag, featuring a window to allow the charging while the pad is not in use. Environmental friendliness of the case is underlined by 80% implementation of recycled materials .

The case can be yours for a donation, starting at $165.

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