iPad 2 Falls Into DC Moblie Design Clutches

  • DC Mobile Design Clutch for iPad 2
  • DC Mobile Design Clutch for iPad 2 review
  • DC Mobile Design Clutch for iPad 2 screenshot
  • Clutch for iPad 2 from DC Mobile Design

DC Mobile Design presented the Clutch โ€“ a clever iPad 2 case system. The new tablet hard case is currently in developing stage and is accepting pledges at Kickstarter to move on to the production phase. The Clutch is a unique Apple iPad 2 case, which combines beautiful design with great everyday functionality.

The case protects the tablet from bumps and bruises, while keeping all ports and buttons fully accessible. The Clutch comes with a unique ergonomic handle that offers a comfy grip and great mobile usability. The handle can be rotated 360 degrees offering various angles. The handle can also be attached to a multitude of ports increasing handling options.

The handle of the Clutch can be used as a base for a tablet stand case with a great number of viewing angles. The handle is hollow inside and can fit a USB cable, headphones, power adapter, stylus or any other small item. Sturdy caps securely close the handle, keeping the items inside when not in use.

Pledges of $60 or more will get you the Clutch.

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