Apple Plans to Upgrade the iPad 2 and Rollout a 7.85” Tablet in 2012

Apple plans for 2012

Just in case you’re one of the apparent few who isn’t getting a tablet PC for Christmas - or one of those who must have the newest thing – you’ll want to keep an eye out for two new products in 2012: An upgrade to the Apple iPad 2 and as-yet unnamed 7.85” version of the tablet from Apple.

The release of the latter is seen as a response to market competition from the 7” Amazon Kindle Fire and like-sized tablet devices, though Apple assures that their products are doing fine and represent an estimated 70% of the 60 million unit market in 2011.

Production of the 7.85” iPad will reportedly begin in the fourth quarter of 2012, while the new full-sized iPad will debut before April.

For encasing the new Apple tablet PCs, the updated iPad 2 will presumably be of roughly the same dimensions as its predecessors and thus require a 10” tablet case. The smaller Apple iPad will be transportable in any of the 8” tablet cases.

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