Tablet, Tablet on the Wall: Big Three’s Touchscreens Judged

Big three's screens

Face it: When it comes down to it, the make-or-break on a tablet PC purchase comes down to one bit of hardware, namely the screen. Whether the user is primarily interested in watching video, keeping up on Twitter or making Skype calls, he/she wants it to look *good*.

So which screen is the best? Over at techie website ZDNet, “display expert” Raymond Soniera compares and contrasts the Amazon Kindle Fire , Barnes & Noble Nook , and Apple iPad 2 tablet PCs to answer definitively the question “Which tablet has the best display?”

As for the winner, we won’t spoil it for you; click the link below. However, this writer is pretty partial to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen…

To protect those touchscreens, an 8” tablet case holds the Barnes & Noble Nook, while an 11” tablet cases work for the Apple iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle Fire.

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