Case-Mate Sends Kindle Fire to a Cocktail Party in the Tuxedo Case

  • Case-Mate Kindle Fire Tuxedo
  • Case-Mate Kindle Fire Tuxedo review
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Case-Mate introduced Kindle Fire Tuxedo โ€“ an ultra-slim folio tablet case featuring a revolutionary adhesive technology. The tablet is attached to the case via double-sided reusable Magic Tape, which securely holds the device inside the case preventing any accidental slip outs.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is well protected from all sides, yet all of its ports and buttons can be accessed freely with the new case on the tablet. The durable brushed microfiber interior keeps the tablet smudge and scratch free. Built-in magnets help keep the premium case shut securing the device inside.

The Tuxedo doubles up as a convenient tablet stand case flipping and bending with its four foldable segments to provide a perfect angle for comfortable multimedia viewing or typing. The new case is available in smooth black or caramel brown colors.

The price for this case is $40.

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