G-Form Turns the iPad into an Astronaut inside the Extreme Edge Case

The Extreme Edge from G-Form is a rugged tablet case for iPad that has already been subjected to numerous torture sessions including drops from 1,300ft and various car drive overs. The iPad survived them all, but the company decided to raise the stakes and drop it from somewhat higher altitude.

As you can see in the video the Apple iPad has been taken into space this time. The Apple iPad case was provided with a camera and a tracking device, then clinched to a weather balloon and sent into the atmosphere around 30 kilometers high. Following high altitude pressure the balloon burst in and the device came tumbling down.

The video goes on to show the iPad recovered around 20 meters from the launch site in perfect working condition. Some critics already opined that the video could only be shown to the public because the tablet landed face up, otherwise its screen would’ve cracked. The fact remains, the iPad was dropped from space wearing G-Form Extreme Edge case and nothing happened to it.

You can purchase the case for $44.95.
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