SeaSucker Flexes its Bracketless Muscle for the iPad Mounting System

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You can probably guess that the iPad Mounting System presented by SeaSucker is a unique wall mount tablet case . The best thing about the innovation is the fact that you can use it to attach the tablet to virtually any surface. The ease of use and unparalleled flexibility make the new case one of the most attractive products on the market.

The unique vacuum technology latched onto the Apple iPad without the need to use any brackets or clips. The absence of bracket-dependency makes the new iPad Mounting System compatible with virtually any other tablet as well. Attach and remove the system from your device in a matter of seconds. The system comes with a long list of interesting and useful accessories.

The built-in finger pump allows easy application, while the special orange band ensures you will always know when it’s the right time to re-pump the system. The one-of-a-kind 2D mounting platform offers unprecedented flexibility – the new Apple iPad case can be mounted on any surface and the flex-arm allows the system to be bent at your convenience.

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