The New iPad Learns Expert Typing From Kensington KeyFolio

  • Kensington KeyFolio Expert
  • Kensington KeyFolio Expert screenshot
  • KeyFolio Expert from Kensington
  • KeyFolio Expert from Kensington review
  • KeyFolio Expert from Kensington screenshot

Kensington introduced one of the best tablet keyboard cases to date compatible with the new iPad โ€“ KeyFolio Expert. Immense functionality of the new case is coupled with stylish looks and decent protective capabilities. Exterior material will absorb minor shocks, while microfiber interior will take care of scratches.

The new Kensington tablet case can accommodate both the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The unique one-touch pairing Bluetooth keyboard delivers easy and stable connection with the device. The new Apple iPad 2 case can also function as a multi angle adjustable tablet stand , which you can use anywhere.

The secure frame of the new iPad case securely holds the tablet in place preventing any possible slip outs. All ports and buttons of the tablet are open to unrestricted access while inside the case. The best thing about the keyboard is its tactile high-performance keys enhancing typing performance.

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