The Kindle Fire Lights up a New Beacon With a Handmade Book Case

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  • Kindle Fire Beacon Case
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  • Kindle Fire Beacon Case screenshot

Beacon Case is a classic book tablet case designed specifically for the Amazon Kindle Fire. The new case is handmade from 11-ply Baltic birch wood featuring cherry accent and is covered in beautifully grained faux leather. These materials achieve the perfect combination of tablet protection and excellent looks.

The new Amazon Kindle Fire case features unique retention tabs, which keep the device securely in place, preventing accidental slip outs even when the tablet is upside down. An elastic security closure keeps the case firmly shut when not in use. The case takes special pride in the fact that it’s completely manufactured in the USA: from design to the packaging.

The new case also features tablet stand capabilities offering several convenient angels for both multimedia viewing and typing. The manufacturer pledge to donate $5 for every case sold to provide funding for water projects around the globe.

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