Kanex Gathers Four iPads for a Charging Party With the Sydnee Case

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The Sydnee from Kanex is a revolutionary tablet stand case allowing simultaneous charging of up to four iPads or any other iOS devices. The case can accommodate the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad with or without the Smart Cover. The modern design of the stand will become an integral part of any office space or a retail shop.

The new iPad case provides enough space to fit three iPads simultaneously, the fourth one can be placed right next to the stand. The central charging system tucked away discreetly at the back of the iPad case keeps all four cables neatly together thanks to special clips, eliminating any possibility of tangling.

The Apple iPad 2 case comes complete with 3 16-inch cables and each of the four USB ports provides 2.1 Amps of power juice ensuring quick charging. The case is the best solution for schools, shops, conference rooms and any other spaces where more than one iPad needs to be charged at the same time.

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