Documont Puts the New iPad into Kowala’s Lap

  • Documont Kowala
  • Documont Kowala screenshot
  • Kowala from Documont
  • Kowala from Documont review

Documont presented Kowala – a unique tablet stand case compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case is essentially a large lapboard, which hosts the tablet in the center. Made from high-quality birch wood and covered with a layer of acrylic paint, the case offers stunning looks and decent impact protection.

The large size of the new iPad case provides an extremely comfy way to type, write, sketch or otherwise enjoy the tablet. The case was designed to allow users to interact with the device over longer periods of time without getting tired. The portable and adjustable stand of the case ensures the right viewing angle can be found at a touch of a button. The stand works in both landscape and portrait orientations.

The Apple iPad 2 case keeps access to all ports and buttons of the tablet open, except for the volume control, which can be adjusted from the screen anyway. The case is delivered together with a storage bag, which offers a nice and easy way to store and carry the Kowala around.

The price for this case is $79.

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