The New iPad Moves UP in the World With the PIX Case From Ninki-UP

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  • PIX-UP from Ninki-UP
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  • PIX-UP from Ninki-UP screenshot

PIX-UP from Ninki-UP is a unique tablet stand case designed to work with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The case is also compatible with virtually any tablet currently on the market.

Designed as a pixelated hand-pointer, the new iPad case features two legs made of durable, yet soft material allowing them to be bent in multiple ways to achieve a desired viewing angle. Thanks to its unique design, the Ninki-UP PIX-UP can be used on virtually any surface from an office desk to a couch or a bed.

Users will always be able to enjoy perfect viewing angles and constant stability thanks to the adjustable legs of the Apple iPad case. The new case is compact and highly portable, ensuring that tablet owners can enjoy its benefits wherever they go. The manufacturer is currently giving away a free stylus to everyone who orders the Apple iPad 2 case.

The price for this case is $37.52.

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