GermanMade g.2 Case Hides an iPhone 5 Underneath the iPad Mini

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  • g.2 Case from GermanMade screenshot

g.2 Case from GermanMade is a unique book tablet case designed to fit the Apple iPad Mini. Buyers can choose between book linen fabric , faux leather, and genuine leather for the exterior material. Every option delivers durable impact protection. The interior is lined with book linen safeguarding the tablet from scratches.

The best feature of the Apple iPad Mini case is the iPhone 5 compartment, hidden underneath the iPad Mini. All cases are handmade to ensure the best possible quality. The magnets , built into the cover of the GermanMade g.2 Case enable the sleep/wake functionality of the device.

All ports and buttons of the tablet can be freely accessed with the device inside the new GermanMade tablet cases. The g.2 Case also comes in an optional version with convenient tablet stand . The case is available with multiple options for interior lining color. Name embossing option is also present.

The price for this case is $92.

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