Treegloo Leaves the iPad Mini Case in Your Hands

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Treegloo offers everyone a chance to construct their own custom tablet case for the Apple iPad Mini โ€“ Your Case. The customization options include just about everything starting from the frame and the cover color to interior lining and closure type. Naturally, all protective qualities of a book tablet case are present.

Starting off by choosing a frame for the Apple iPad Mini case, buyer can choose from a couple of streamliner options and several natural woods. The exterior color offers a variety of options which range from unicorn white to galactic gray. The closure types are: simple elastic strap, a magnetic latch-on, and a kinetic latch, which includes a tablet stand .

Buyers can also choose the Treegloo Your Case with or without the back camera opening, and choose between a classic cardstock and a linen book cloth interior lining. The color palette for the lining is extremely extensive and allows everyone to select the one that best suits their style.

The price for the case ranges from $34.95 to $97.45 depending on the selected options.

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