ColorWare Grips the New iPad in Customizable Ways

  • ColorWare Grip 3
  • ColorWare Grip 3 screesnshot
  • Grip 3 from ColorWare

Grip 3 from ColorWare is a unique back protector compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The peculiarity of the case lies in its built-in handle , which offers a convenient way to carry the tablet around. The frame and the handle of the case are crated from aluminum providing an all-round protection.

The new iPad case shields the back of the device by a sturdy fiberglass panel. The tablet is secured within the case via four rubber inserts which prevent accidental slip outs and ensure the device isn’t scratched by the case. All ports and buttons are open to free access with the ColorWare Grip 3 on the device.

The best thing about the Apple iPad 2 case is its customization options: buyers can choose various colors for the back panel. The colors for the frame and the handle can also be chosen separately and there’s also an option to order any part of the case in glossy or matte finish.

The price for this case is $300.

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