Bluelounge Mika Stands Up With the New iPad

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Tablet owners can now enjoy an exquisite tablet stand case from BlueloungeMika. The universal design makes the case compatible with an impressive selection of tablets ranging from the Google Nexus 7 to the latest Apple new iPad. The case can also accommodate the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The new iPad case is beautifully crafted from solid aluminum and features soft rubber edges, which provide excellent grip and safeguard the tablet from scratching. The Bluelounge Mika is a welcome guest at any desktop: it doesn’t occupy much space, but provides a comfy and useful tablet resting place.

The Apple iPad 2 case was designed in a way to offer users the most ergonomic viewing angle possible. Whether the purpose is simple browsing and writing a short email or pleasure reading and watching a movie – the Mika will ensure perfect stability in the upright position.

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