Free Cases Daily Week #28 – Wardmaster, Out of Print, Hello Kitty and more

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Spring must have sprung going into week #28 (April 15-21) of Tablet2Cases’ year-long Free Cases Daily promotion on Facebook, because this week cases in all colors of the rainbow are up for grabs.

Check out below for seven cases in blue, white, yellow, orange and basic black. Cases specially for iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be given away free, as well as models for virtually all 7” and 10” tablets.

Scroll down for our exclusive selection of Free Cases Daily for this week. Following descriptions of the seven free prizes are the super-easy rules for entry. Win yourself a best case scenario for your tablet this week from Tablet2Cases!

1. Out of Print eBook Jacket Apple iPad 2/3/4 The Great Gatsby Book Case

Price: $49.95
Rating: 3.8

Just in case Hollywood’s 2013 big-budget movie version doesn’t spark your interest in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic, Out of Print’s Great Gatsby book tablet case for the iPad might. This amazing-looking conversation starter of a tablet case starts with a durable, genuine clothbound book cover for good drop protection and keeps the iPad secure inside with a lightweight rubber frame.

Out of Print eBook Jacket

2. Cooper Aluminum Buddy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard in White

Price: $43.95
Rating: 3.3

The Bluetooth keyboard is naturally the touted feature in the Cooper Buddy case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but Tablet2Cases can tell you that other features perform well, too: There’s a tablet stand allowing for typing/viewing in both portrait and landscape modes, plus a lithium battery good for 50+ hours of use.

Cooper Aluminum Buddy

3. Wardmaster iPad/10" Tablet Neoprene Folio in Rose Theme Black

Price: $19.95
Rating: 3.9

Wardmaster employs its patented TDS-processed neoprene to compose this folio tablet case , with the pleasing end result of one trim, lightweight accessory for any 10” tablet – all protected nicely from impacts, shocks, moisture and temperature extremes. By the way, the black rose design is great-looking, too...

Wardmaster Tablet Neoprene Folio

4. Cooper Blocks Apple iPad 2/3/4 Silicone Folio Case in Orange

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.3

Recall those carefree days of constructing with Lego blocks along with Cooper Cases and your Apple iPad. Featuring the familiar studded peg design, the Cooper Blocks silicon folio case puts the fun stuff to good work in protecting the tablet as well: The rubberized silicon stands up extremely well to drops, essentially bouncing off surfaces after impact.

Cooper Blocks

5. Angry Birds Themed Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio Case with Eggs & Piggies

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.6

The endless war in video-game land between birds and pigs spills over into real life to emblazon this Angry Birds tablet case. The inexpensive price belies some nice basic functionality here allowing iPad users to enjoy a three-angle tablet stand for viewing.

Angry Birds Themed Folio

6. Hello Kitty Themed Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Compatible Hard Back Protector with Hearts in White

Price: $19.95
Rating: 3.5

Hello Kitty! Pretty little red hearts everywhere! Smart Cover-compatible! A decal which reads “Kitty says … I love you”! Who needs more? Oh, all right: We can also tell you that this hard plastic tablet back protectors offers reliable protection to back the iPad from scratches, dings, and bumps like a proper hard backer should – at an irresistible price.

Hello Kitty Themed Back Protector

7. Cooper X Chinee Wetsuit Neoprene Dual Zipper 7” Tablet Sleeve in Orange

Price: $18.95
Rating: 3.6

Finally, how about something in orange? Wetsuit technology (or at least a reasonable facsimile) comes to tablets in the Cooper X Chinee Neopreen Dual-Zipper tablet sleeve . The neoprene material is remarkably scratch- and water-resistant while the lanyard wrist strap makes for easy carrying – a great solution for users of 7” tablets. And really orange.

Cooper X Chinee Wetsuit

Competition Information

Duration: April 15 06:00AM EST – April 22 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its April 15 12:00PM CET – April 22 11:59AM CET

Registration is FREE

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Select your case & get automatic entry into the draw. Increase your number of entries by completing extra tasks.

Winner: The winner is picked at random. There are 7 winners each week. Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours. Prizes will be shipped by post to the provided address.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck from Tablet2Cases to all participants in our Free Cases Daily promotion – may you win your best case scenario this week!
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