The Grizas iLatch String is Always out for the New iPad

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Grizas introduced iLatch โ€“ a clever tablet car mount compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The case consists of an ultra-soft, yet durable tablet sleeve , which hugs the device from all sides, and a pair of multidirectional hooks, which help mount the case virtually anywhere.

Attaching the Apple iPad case to the car headrests is only one of many uses. The removable hooks are extremely flexible and allow the Grizas iLatch to be attached to a shopping cart, stroller, kitchen cabinet, restaurant chair, various gym machines, and virtually anything else that can accommodate 2 small hooks.

The new iPad case comes with a spacious back pocket, which can be further expanded to fit all the necessities. The Apple iPad 2 case is the best solution for busy parents looking to occupy a restless kid throughout a long car journey, a stroll in the park, or a boring dinner.

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