Tablet2Cases Sponsored Michail Stepanov Off to a Great Start in the RRC

RRC Stage 1

Formula 1 season may already be well under way, with five races behind us, but it’s not the only motorsport championship enjoying great popularity among drivers and fans. The Russian Racing Championship (RRC) has just commenced delivering great racing action and promising a highly competitive season. We were happy to see our sponsored driver, Michail Stepanov, who is racing under B-tuning team, achieve a great result during the first weekend.

The RRC was created in 2012, when Russian Automobile Federation has decided that competitions in all Russian circuit racing classes were to be held in the framework of one united championship. Currently the calendar consists of eight races taking place from May to September. Michail Stepanov is driving his super-charged Seat Leon Supercopa in the most prestigious class: Touring.

Each weekend is made up of training, qualification and 2 races. The starting order of the first race is based on qualification times. The second race is based on finishing times of the first one, but with a slight twist - the first six drivers start in reverse order. Both races award equal points.

The first race of the 2013 season was held in Nizhny Novgorod on May 18-19. Michail was off to a great start setting a new course record during training. He qualified in fourth place for the first race. Thanks to his brilliant start, superb driving skills, and some help from a fellow competitor who bowed out after just five laps, Michail successfully climbed to second place and held off all competition until the checkered flag.

The second race saw the competition getting even hotter. Michail managed to fight off opponents and finish in fifth place overall in mixed class race. This result allowed our driver to win both races in separate Seat Super Copa classification, as well as collect valuable points for both Driver and Team Championship standings.

The next RRC stage is scheduled to take place in Moscow on June 7-9. We look forward to see Michail Stepanov in action again and wish him the very best of luck.

About Tablet2Cases Sponsorships

Tablet2Cases is not only about providing a guiding light in the ever-growing world of tablet cases and accessories. We believe that any event, idea or team that goes in line with our core values and beliefs is worth helping. That’s why we take great pride in sponsoring Michail Stepanov, a driver currently participating in the Russian Racing Championship. Tablet2Cases is actively seeking sponsorship offers and applicants, all interested parties are welcome to contact us through this page.

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