filz:stueck Dresses Up the Kindles in a Piece of Bacon

  • filz:stueck Kindle Bacon Case

Alligator tablet cases, carbon fiber case, even golden cases, we’ve seen it all, but what about a bacon tablet sleeve ? filz:stueck brings Kindle Bacon Case to all those meat lovers with a Kindle. The case is compatible with most of the Amazon tablet/e-reader family including Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire and Fire HD, and Kindle Keyboard.

Naturally, the Amazon Kindle Fire case isn’t made of actual bacon, instead it’s crafted from a soft, yet durable felt fabric, which looks pretty similar to the fatty morning snack. Each and every case is handmade in over two hours with careful attention to every little detail, which ensures only the best possible quality.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD case comes with a flap closure featuring classic loop and string lock , which secures the case when not in use, keeping the contents safely inside at all times. The filz:stueck Kindle Bacon Case is also available in other sizes. The Amazon Kindle Touch case is a perfect accessory to forever annoy your vegan friends.

The price for this case is $59.

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