Krusell Avenyn Sleeve Offers the iPad 4 Retro Looks and Modern Safety

  • Krusell Avenyn
  • Krusell Avenyn screenshot

When vintage style comes in to help out modern designers, they always end up making highly attractive pieces. The same is also true for tablet sleeves , as shown on the example of Avenyn created by Krusell. This case is compatible with the iPad 2 and up, and combines retro quilted design with decent impact protection.

The Apple iPad 4 case is handmade entirely from genuine leather material, which not only offers stunning looks, but also provides the device with enough protection to withstand everyday bumps and bruises. The Krusell Avenyn also features a layer of extra padding, further increasing its protective capabilities.

The combination of diamond quilted design and contrasting play of interior and exterior colors make the new Krusell tablet case one of the most attractive tablet sleeves on the market. The Apple iPad 3 case comes in either black, pink or white colors, and features a subtle metal logo on the front side.

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