Flying Tiger From Kenzo Shields the iPad 4 From Everyday Harm

  • Kenzo Flying Tiger

Fashion brands usually treat tablet owners to highly attractive designer tablet cases. Kenzo continues this trend with their latest Flying Tiger – an exquisite tablet shell featuring a gorgeous design pattern. The case is made to fit the iPad 2 and later generations and comes with a glossy finish to preserve its beauty.

The main purpose the iPad 2 case is serving is, naturally, fashionable looks, but its durable material will provide enough protection to shield the device from minor bumps and bruises. The new Kenzo tablet case keeps the access to all ports and buttons completely unrestricted, while the device is inside the iPad 4 case.

The shell guards the device’s back and sides, but also shields the tablet’s screen when placed face down, thanks to its slightly raised bezel. And if that wasn’t enough there’s also a neat screen protector included in the Kenzo Flying Tiger package. The iPad 3 case is equally suited for both men and women, who love combining fashion and technology.
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