Protex shell takes the iPad 4 safety to a higher ground

  • Higher Ground PROTEx
  • Higher Ground PROTEx review

Looking for a compact and virtually weightless solution to your tablet protection needs? Check out the PROTEx from Higher Ground – a simple tablet shell combining great protection with slim and lightweight body. The case is crafted from molded polyurethane and is compatible with the iPad 2 and later generations.

The unique material of the iPad 4 case is not only shock absorbing, but also tear and wear resistant, ensuring the device enjoys a full-time protection against bumps, bruises and impacts. The iPad 3 case sports a highly ergonomic profile enhancing grippability.

The Higher Ground PROTEx also features a unique design trait: an X-shaped hand strap delivering a highly comfortable and secure way to use the tablet. The bezel of the iPad 2 case is slightly raised, which ensures that the device’s screen is protected against scratching when placed face down on a flat surface.

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