Innovation Factory supports and amplifies iPad sounds with the Opus

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Innovation Factory plays a big trick on tablets and smartphones. Their latest project – Opus – is a comfy tablet stand and a non-electronic sound amplifier in one. The case is compatible with a wide range of devices. Opus consists of two halves: a loudspeaker and the stand itself, the halves can be interlocked together with magnets allowing easy and convenient mobility. The amplifier part is not only a mere speaker, it redirects and enhances sound to create a room-filling experience. The stand part offers a secure and stable support at an ergonomic viewing angle.

The iPad 4 case is not only a functional, but also a highly stylish and ergonomic tablet accessory
The two parts of the Innovation Factory Opus interlock via built-in magnets
The tablet rests at an ergonomic angle securely supported by the iPad 3 case
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